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Motorcycle maintenance schedule

Along with the pre / post ride checks it is also a good idea to do a little preventative maintenance on your motorcycle. This maintenance can be broken up into 3 categories:


  • Chain – A properly lubricated and adjusted chain will last longer
  • Tire condition – Use a pressure gauge to make sure you have the correct tire pressure and check for cracks, tread wear
  • Bolt check – Bolts will come loose from time to time
  • Fuses – Make sure you don’t have any blown fuses as well as spares
  • Wires – Check for corrosion and wear


  • Oil – Change oil & filter at recommended intervals
  • Air filter – Clean or change when dirty
  • Brake pads & rotors – Check for wear
  • Chain & sprockets - Check for wear, kinks and tight spots
  • Battery terminals & wires – Check for corrosion
  • Cables – Lubricate and adjust if needed


  • Brake fluid – Check for contamination, change if needed
  • Coolant – Check for contamination, replace if needed
  • Battery & charging system – Test to ensure it is working properly
  • Tune up – Your bike will run better

You probably noticed that there are a few things that are duplicated from the pre/ post-ride checks and the maintenance schedule. As I said previously the pre/ post ride checks are quick once-overs, while the weekly, monthly and yearly checks require more time.

The frequency with which you do your inspection will depend on your riding style. That is, a person who rides everyday would probably have to check their bikes more frequently than someone who only rides on the weekends.

The best thing to do is to follow the recommendations in your owner’s manual. A little quality time with your motorcycle on a regular basis can save you a lot of grief, as well as increase the amount of time you actually get to ride, not to mention making the ride safer!